Ligi Import Corp is a company founded in 1999 in U.S.A. and with more of 42 years of tradition in the cosmetic market in Venezuela. We are exclusive agents of Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli, Italian Company, manufacturers of famous CERA DI CUPRA products , founded in 1821 for the market of the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean. The lines of products that we represented are inserted in the market of the cosmetology and integral care of the hygiene and beauty of the person.

All CERA DI CUPRA and other Ciccarelli products as well are made with natural raw materials and following strictly the norms of quality and production "ISO-9002", which guarantees their quality. The constant investigation and innovation are the main objectives of our company along with the tradition of customer care that always has characterized this organization.


The objectives of Ligi Import Corp. in the North and Latin American market are:

  • To cover the demand of CERA DI CUPRA products and for personal care and hygiene, following highest standards of quality and client orientation.
  • To settle down in those markets like a reliable supplier of high quality products.

Our location is in the city of Miami, known as the "Business Capital of the Americas".

Gino Bertuccio

Gino was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Italian parents. After graduating in 1986 from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas with his Bachelor of Business Administration, Gino began working for the family business – a manufacturer and distributor of skincare and beauty products for women – and quickly learned the ins and out of the company.

Gino took control of LIGI IMPORT C.A. in Caracas in 1999 and presently still runs and maintains the company as a provider of quality cosmetology products.

It wasn’t until exclusively obtaining the distribution of Farmaceuticci Dott. Ciccarelli products – not limited to the Venezuelan market, but also for the Latin American market in general, as well as the North American market – that the idea to establish Ligi Import Corp in Miami arose. The company also opened its doors in 1999 and remains active through present day.

Additionally, Gino is passionate about commercial aviation. Thanks to his business expertise, he was able to take over as general agent of sales for the airline Swissair in 2000 – which converted to Swiss International Air Line in 2002 – and served as the Director in Venezuela through 2004; simultaneously filling his role as CEO of Ligi Import both in Caracas and Miami.